Hyssop Essential Oil

Conventional / Organic / Pharmaceutical

Image by Robert Bottman

The Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) has been used as a medicinal plant since the time of the Ancient Greeks. 

Bulinnovation sell pure, organic Hyssop essential oil from our crops in Bulgaria.

This oil’s medical properties are many. It is used as an expectorant, antiseptic, for cough relief and in stimulating the nervous system amongst many other purposes.

This means it is in large demand by a large number of pharmaceutical companies. For many of these business, we are the first-choice manufacture!

That’s because when you need to buy wholesale, but you still need the highest quality of product – with a fully traceable history from field to final oil –  Bulinnovation provides it.

This makes BulInnovation Ltd. one of the preferred manufacturers and exporters of Coriander essential oil for businesses around the world.

Why buy Hyssop oil wholesale from Bulinnovation?

  • A recognised bulk producer and exporter serving the entire globe

  • Owned crop plantations, distillery and laboratory mean a fully traceable product

  • Strict quality control procedures ensure guaranteed standards

  • Specifications, Certificates of Analysis and MSDS available for all products

  • All products ISO:9001, GMP and REACH regulation-approved

Get Bulgarian Hyssop Oil shipped directly to you

  1. Request a free 1-2 gram sample so you can personally test the quality.

  2. Get clear product specifications, CoA and MSDS.

  3. Arrange shipping via land, sea or air.

  4. Rely on secure shipment in specialised aluminium bottles or stainless steel drums.

Order your free sample!

Call us today. There is no fee or obligation if all you need is a free sample. All we need from you are a few details about your company and the quantity of Hysspo essential oil which you will eventually need us to ship from Bulgaria.

Alternatively, get in touch with us to get a free, no-obligation quote or further information without commitment.

Contact us for a free quote!

Tell us more about the quantities of Hyssop essential oil you need. We will then be able to get a free, no-obligation quote sent to you – and ship a free sample from Bulgaria to your location via express courier.

Alternatively, contact us now online or by phone to learn more.

Why use BUL INNOVATION as your manufacturer?

  • 100% traceable products – from crop to processing to testing to finish

  • Competitive rates – amongst the best in the industry

  • Hyper-convenient delivery – via INCOTERMS, EXW, CIF, CPT and DAP types.

  • Fast response to all inquiries – contact us to learn about using us as a manufacturer.


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