Bulgarian Family Company

“BULINNOVATION health from nature” is a family company focused on the production of high quality Bulgarian natural and organic products. “BUL” comes from Bulgaria and “INNOVATION” from our aspiration to be innovative and modern.

Plants Grown in the Rose Valley and Bulgaria.

The founder of the company is the main technologist in the production of herbal extracts in one of the largest distilleries in Bulgaria. The distillery has its own plantations of over 40 species of plants, located in the most conducive area, namely the Rose Valley.

Care and Attention to Nature

There is nothing more amazing than the power of nature, so our mission is to showcase the natural and powerful power of plants used for centuries. We believe that our products will not only bring you true pleasure for the senses, but the purity and beauty from nature will be embodied in your skin and hair.

Quality Certificates

The company’s processes and products are guaranteed by constant audits of certification bodies, namely IFEAT, E.F.E.O, BNAEOPC, BIA (Bulgarian Industrial Association), BDA (Executive Medicines Agency), GMP, ISO:9001, LACON, Kosher, Halal, (PGI) Protected Geographical Indication Certificate.

Own Laboratory for Dosing, Packaging and Production of Cosmetic Products

“BULINNOVATION health from nature” has its own laboratory for dosing, packaging and production of cosmetics. The quality of our production and products is guaranteed by the following certification bodies: ISO:9001, GMP и MAKOM BG-BIO-19. We also offer the above services for other companies – private label.