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I ordered from the product immediately after its launch as I have quite a few of the brand's products and knew this was also something I had to try. The elixir hydrates the skin without leaving a greasy residue, the scent is amazing and it's currently working really well on my hair too. I'm fascinated how a product can have a positive effect on both my skin and hair! I recommend!!!

DayanaNatural golden elixir

The oil is unique and is probably the best I have used. It doesn't make my skin oily, doesn't give me any reactions and dissolves my makeup literally immediately. I want to mention that it is very gentle on the eyes because the last one I used made them red.

VeronicaOil cleanser

Immortelle water was the product that made me love floral waters. I highly recommend it to everyone because this type of cosmetic has the best possible effect on the skin! I regret not having touched these treasures before! Minus for me is that the price is an idea higher, but the time effect is worth every penny! Another minus is that I haven't come across it in drugstores.

Dr. Gabriella

I am very happy with the makeup cleansing oil. I use it even in the morning to refresh my facial skin. I have already used up two bottles. I highly recommend!


I am so impressed with your amazing products, you have lived up to all my expectations. From the first day I felt my skin softer without the unpleasant imperfections, and after using the chamomile in the morning and the lavender in the evening, which I used in combination with lavender essential oil, amazing effect I feel my skin softer and enlarged pores begin to decrease in size! I recommend!


Until now, I thought it was normal for cleansers to leave my skin dry and rough. Since using this product, my skin is no longer stretched after cleansing, and is soft and hydrated. The oil does great with waterproof mascara and heavy makeup!

DayanaOil for makeup remover

White pine is an oil I hadn't used before I found you, but now it's one of my favorites! I use it for meditation and as an additive in homemade antiperspirant or home fragrance because of its deodorizing action.
Having lavender essential oil in my purse, for me, is a must! I drip a few drops on my pillow and sleep like a baby!


Yarrow water is .... a true miracle! Seriously, I have never used better water! Thank you!


I really liked the new products. I highly recommend you to my girlfriends and everyone is super happy. This is most indicative of the efforts you are making. 🙂 I wish you from the bottom of my heart much success and new inspirations.

NataliaSynergy products

Very kind attitude, assistance in selection and fast delivery. The chamomile floral water has become a must have in my routine. My face was severely flushed from trying several makeups one after another. After applying it my skin immediately calmed down and the pleasant chamomile scent was so relaxing.


First, I want to note that I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it didn't have any nasty smell, unlike other immortelle water. It's great hydrating and refreshing! Really soothes irritated skin! Especially good for winter time when skin is exposed to cold and wind.

MagdalenaImmortelle floral water

I recommend with both hands lavender floral water. I have been using it for 3 months now, twice a day (morning and evening on a clean face) and the effect is visible. Regular use of the product has helped me get rid of the "shininess",well known to every girl with this skin type. The water also has a soothing effect,which works favorably on acne scars or other types of imperfections. 🤗


I was no stranger to dill seeds, I used them regularly during the breastfeeding period, I also gave tea from them to my daughter. Then I saw Bul Innovation's organic dill seed water, already convinced of its properties I immediately ordered it. The result of regular use just a month later was a cessation of hair loss, especially profuse after childbirth and healthier hair. 😇🙏🙏


I sincerely thank you for your prompt replies and the accurate and helpful information I received before and after I purchased the products. I recommend their products with both hands, as I am satisfied not only with the products but also with the wonderful attitude. The floral water removed the endless daily flaking from my face. They also suggested I try the homemade soap they are developing, which proved to be even more beneficial.

IvanaSage floral water

I am extremely pleased with the quality of the oils and it is very important to me that their entire assortment is made from Bulgarian herbs!


The immortelle floral water is amazing. I like it very much.


I am very happy with the water from immortelle. It does not cause irritation of my skin, redness. It has cleared up my complexion. I also use yarrow floral water as I have dandruff. Thanks to the water, my dandruff has reduced significantly. As a conclusion, I can say that I am extremely satisfied with the products and their action.


I really like your floral waters. I am currently using the salvia one and am extremely pleased.


Great attitude, great products, very honest! I recommend!❤️


The immortelle floral water is wonderful! I would love to try another product! It's worth it! 🙂

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Bulgarian Natural Cosmetics

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The ingredients from which we manufacture our products are benchmarks of world quality.


We believe that the ideal product is based on natural ingredients, precisely selected to create complete synergism in our glass bottles.

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Multifunctional natural products that will delicately take care of the restoration and maintenance of your skin and hair.

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Natural Elixir for your Face, Body and Hair
Our new cosmetic line is inspired by the synergy in nature. The truth is, we are here because of the synergism in the galaxy. We chose this name because it perfectly describes our ideology and products.
Complete skin care for the body. The synergy of oils has a firming and restoring effect on the skin. Smooth, fresh and healthy looking skin after the first application.
Use as a face serum. Suitable for dry and faded skin. Helps reduce pigmentation and wrinkles. Vitalizes and gives a fresh look to the skin. Apply with a gua sha massage for optimal results.
Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Use as a hair mask. The synergy of oils is beneficial for reducing dandruff and hair loss. Gives shine, hydrates and nourishes the hair.
Thanks to the synergism achieved between the ingredients, this product has a beneficial effect on both oily and acneic skin types without being greasy.
Our main goal is to give the skin not only a luxurious feel, but also a subsequent luxurious appearance.

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