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Benefits and Uses of Different Types of Hydrolates

Benefits and Uses of Different Types of Hydrolates

In Bulgaria these products are known as floral waters. Worldwide, the generally accepted name of floral waters is hydrolates. Unfortunately, more and more manufacturers have started to produce hydrolates by using chemical compounds to add essential oil to water. On their own, these hydrolates have no beneficial effect as the traditional manufacturing by steam distillation.
The rose distillation method was first established in Persia. Evidence of the first rose gardens in Karlovo, Bulgaria dates back to 1712. When boiling rose oil, water is released and Bulgarian technologists called it floral water. Floral waters are a natural product obtained through a process of steam distillation in the extraction of essential oil, and they are a waste product. But our company developed a method of manufacturing it in the first step of the distillation process which bringed an exclusive quality. Learn more below...
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Over the years their use has become more and more widespread as they are suitable for everyday use and for application directly on the skin, unlike essential oils. For this reason, our company, aiming for high quality, uses a method to improve the properties of the final product. This is the process of primary distillation. In this process, the freshly picked flowers of the plants are used solely to make floral water. The final product has much better therapeutic properties and a longer shelf life. Our company has also developed its own know-how to naturally stabilize and improve the quality of the products.
Customers need to be aware that real floral water must be stored in opaque packaging. This is necessary due to the fact that the product is photosensitive and quickly changes colour and properties when exposed to direct light. If such changes are not observed in transparent packaging, it means that the products contain preservatives that are not indicated on the label.
The benefits of floral waters are numerous, as with essential oils. Extensive study and testing is necessary. They are much easier to use. Allergic reactions are rare. They can be used daily and unlimitedly. They are suitable for use on skin and hair as well as for internal intake (only of completely natural and pure floral waters). BULINNOVATION organic floral waters are also suitable for oral use.

In the following lines we will list the most common problems and suitable floral waters that help to neutralize them:

  • Acneic and oily skin – organic floral water of lavender, yarrow, sage;
  • Dry and sensitive skin – organic floral water of immortelle, Roman chamomile, melissa, dill seeds, rose;
  • Pigmentation – organic lavender floral water, immortelle;
  • Sunburn – organic floral water of Roman chamomile, immortelle, dill seeds, rose;
  • Hair loss – organic dill seed floral water, yarrow, salvia;
  • Oily seborrhea – organic floral water of sage;
  • Psoriasis – bio floral water of yarrow;
  • Dry hair and scalp – bio floral water from dill seeds;
  • Rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction – organic rose, immortelle, dill seed floral water;
  • Oily hair – bio floral water of lavender, sage, yarrow.
Uses of hydrolates:

Daily use is necessary for long-lasting and visible results. For application on the skin it is recommended at least in the morning and in the evening 2 - 3 sprays on cleansed skin, waiting to dry naturally. Also suitable is the "7 skin method" - a process of applying three to seven successive layers of floral water. This method comes from Korea. Koreans call toning products "skin", hence the name.

The application to the hair and scalp is similar to that on the skin, except that it is not applied as often due to a change in hair styling. It is advisable to make rinses before and after washing, waiting for the product to be well absorbed.

Floral waters are extremely suitable for replacing water in homemade face and hair masks.

As a conclusion, we can say that these products are a natural substitute for toners. They are suitable for refreshing throughout the day.

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Benefits and Uses of Different Types of Hydrolates

Benefits and Uses of Different Types of HydrolatesIn the following lines we will list the…

Benefits and uses of different types of hydrolates

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