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Sage Hydrosol – Benefits for Hair, Skin and Oral Cavity

For centuries, herbalists and healers around the world have used sage to solve a range of health problems. Along with this, the plant has been used for numerous beauty treatments for the skin and hair. 

So in this article, you will learn about the extensive uses of sage hydrosol and its benefits for hair, skin and oral cavity.

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Salvia officinalis is a medicinal aromatic plant of the Lamiaceae family. It originates from Mediterranean countries. Some of the chemical compounds of this plant include phenolic acids (rosmarinic acid), triterpenoid acids (ursolic and oleanolic acids), essential oil (monoterpenes) and tannins of the catechin type (salviathanin).

Sage leaves have astringent, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. Through in vitro and in vivo studies, ursolic and rosmarinic acids have been shown to possess anti-inflammatory activity. Tests on Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria have demonstrated the bactericidal and fungicidal properties of sage.


The main constituents of Salvia officinalis hydrosol, responsible for the effect on hair, are the tannins and saponins. It is therefore an old favourite for dandruff, hair loss and greasy hair. The applying must be with gentle massage on the scalp without washing off.


The onset of spring, unfortunately, does not have a positive effect on the hair. The process of graying is triggered and the hair looks exhausted overall. As a transitional state, aggressive preparations are not suitable. Therefore, natural products such as floral waters and essential oils come to the rescue.

An interesting fact is that in the past, a decoction of sage was used to pour over graying hair. A darkening of the grey hairs as well as a vitalization of the thinning hair was noticeable. 

Nowadays, sage hydrosol is a better and convenient substitute for this method. That is because the composition of the floral water is richer and more effective than the home brew. This is due to the precisely controlled steam distillation method by which the floral water is obtained. 


We have received a positive feedbacks about the influence of sage hydrosol in seborrhea. Users report an instant stop to itching, reduction in flaking and redness after a week. This product is suitable for daily use and is completely natural. There is no evidence of side effects.

Nowadays, many chemical treatments are available to reduce and remove highly persistent dandruff. On the other hand, there are so many anti-dandruff products on the markets with low clinical effectiveness. 

Fortunately, these days there is a big trend of using extracts of medicinal plants to treat this stubborn problem. And sage is among the most preferred herbs.

Hydrolate vs Essential oil

When comparing the 44 hydrolates with the corresponding essential oils, it was found that in 42% of the cases the main components of the essential oils and the hydrolates were different. This trend was also observed in other cases, indicating the importance of testing the biological activities of this type of underestimated natural products. 

Therefore, for a faster and more beneficial effect, we recommend using also essential oil, not only sage water. You can use it as an additive in homemade hair/face masks or in ready-made cosmetic products. 


Thanks to ursolic acid, it has been clinically proven to reduce skin sensitivity to irritants, as well as lightening hyperpigmented spots on the face. It improves the condition of acne and chapped skin. Relieves symptoms of psoriasis and eczema. Also studies proves it helps significantly in wound healing.

Oral Cavity

Because of its astringent, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, sage water is a great choice for oral care. It is suitable for use as a mouthwash. It can be also combined with rose water as it will have a significant effect on tightening and reducing bleeding gums.

We would be delighted if you could share with us your observations after using this versatile product.

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