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The content of this article is a virtual tour of our partner distillery, which is the largest rose distillery on the Balkans. In the midst of this year’s rose harvest, we will introduce you to the process of creating your favorite Bulgarian products.


Apart from being the first in scale, the distillery is also one of the oldest in Bulgaria. Thanks to hard work over the years, it has proven to be a leader in the production of high quality plant extracts. 

For nearly a decade the mastermind of “BULINNOVATION health from nature” has been the chief technologist in the production of organic floral waters. 

The certificates that prove the quality of work can be viewed on the ABOUT US page.

Each batch in the distillery goes through 2 laboratory analyses. The first is in our own laboratory and the second is in an independent laboratory. 

BULINN is obliged to provide a THIRD laboratory analysis, for its part. In addition to the systematic audits of the certifying bodies. So this is another guarantee of the high quality of the products we produce.


   From the field:

Розово поле





   To the finished product:

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